Attached W-Panel Awning / Carport Kit with Setback Beam
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This quote is for an attached W-pan aluminum awning kit manufactured by Amerimax Building Products. The posts will attach to a Cloverleaf Beam and the panels will overhang the beam.  This kit utilizes the 5-1/2 inch Extruded Header as the fascia/Gutter.  


What is included with this kit:

w panel for aluminum awnings patio covers3-1/2x12in Structural W panels5 1/2 inch extruded gutter for aluminum awnings carports5-1/2in Extruded Fascia Gutter
side facia for aluminum awnings and carportsExtruded 5-1/2in Side FaciaC Hanger for aluminum awnings and patiocovers3-1/2in Roll Formed C hanger
Lock Tab for wpan aluminum awnings and carportsExtruded Lock Tabcorner cap for aluminum carports and patio coversExtruded Corner Caps
aluminum and steel cloverleaf post for aluminum awning and patio cover3x3in Cloverleaf Posts (if aluminum-0.040in thick, if steel-0.041in thick) - The Cloverleaf Beam will use the 0.041 in steelPost Bracket for do it yourself aluminum awning kitColonial Post Bracket for Cloverleaf Post
Roll Formed Downspout for awnings and car portsRoll formed Downspoutdownspout elbow for aluminum awnings and carportsDownspout Elbow
gutter drop outlet for aluminum patio covers and awningsGutter Drop Outletgutter plug for aluminum carport and patio coverGutter Plug
2in color trim for aluminum carports and patio coversColor TrimRollformed flashing for aluminum awnings and carportsRoll formed Flashing
Screws for amerimax do it yourself awningsSelf Tapping Tek ScrewsSheet Metal Screw Fasteners for Aluminum CarportsSheet Metal Screws
Anchor bolts for aluminum carports and awningsAnchor boltslag screw for aluminum awnings and patio coversLag Screw  - if attaching directly to the wall without a ledger board
Caulking for aluminum patio covers and car portCaulkingPaint for aluminum awning and patio coverTouch up paint - .6 oz bottle or 12 oz can depending on kit


What you provide:

  • A wooden Ledger board – if applicable (see below)
  • Concrete for footings – if applicable (see below)
  • Steel bar for reinforcement in footings – if applicable (see below)
  • Lag screws or bolts for attaching to a wood deck – if applicable (see below)


This Awning is intended to be attached to a house.  This estimate also includes general engineering guidelines that you should adhere to where appropriate.
The engineering for this kit is based off of Amerimax engineering.

SlopeThe minimum slope requirement is 1/2 inch per foot.
Wind LoadThe wind load for this kit is 90 MPH. This kit is engineered for an exposure B area.  This refers to urban or suburban areas, wooded areas, or other terrain with numerous closely spaced obstruction having the size of single-family dwellings or larger.
Snow LoadThe snow load will be as selected.  Snow loads are given in pounds per square foot and range from 10 to 60 PSF.   This measurement is also referred to as live load.  In most cases even light snow areas will begin at a 20lb load.  A 10lb load is for areas that receive no snow.  Contact your building department for your loacl ratings.
Post SpacingThe max post spacing is indicated for each kit in the description.  The side overhang (from post to side fascia) cannot exceed 25% of the actual post spacing.
LengthLength will be as selected in 1 foot increments.
HeightThis is the distance from the ground to the bottom of the header. In other words this is the post height.
ProjectionThe distance from the house to the fascia/gutter (see below)
Clear SpanThe distance from the house to the Cloverleaf Beam (see below)
OverhangThe distance from the cloverleaf beam to the fascia gutter (see below)
PermitsIf a permit is being pulled, customers are responsible for getting these plans and the engineering approved by the local building department or appropriate organizations.  For accurate requirements for snow and wind loads, please contact your local building department or authority.  Please contact Absolute Carports if Engineering is needed. 


Cloverleaf - The Cloverleaf beam is the same material used as posts for poured footings.  The Cloverleaf beam is 3 inches by 3inches and constructed of 0.041 inch thick steel.   



Concrete Slab AttachmentsAwnings that will be attached to a concrete slab will come with Aluminum posts that are 3 inches by 3 inches and are 0.040 inches thick.  All hardware and brackets are included for this type of mounting.  Remember to keep several inches away from the edge of your slab to avoid cracking your concrete.
Wood Deck AttachmentsAwnings that will be attached to a wood deck will come with Aluminum posts that are 3 inches by 3 inches and are 0.040 inches thick.  The brackets for a wood deck attachment will be included but the Lag screws or bolts will not be included.  Please see Wood Deck Attachment Engineering for appropriate lag screw and bolt descriptions.
Footing AttachmentsFootings must be poured with the post being embedded into the concrete.  For this reason you will your quote will indicate a post size that is 2 feet longer than the awning height.  This extra 2 feet is intended to be used in the footing.  The post is 3 inches by 3 inches and constructed of 0.041 inch thick steel.  No brackets or bolts are needed for a footing attachment.  Customers must provide the concrete and steel bar for reinforcement for each footing.  Each quote with a footing attachment will indicate a footer size.  This amount should be cubed for each footing.  Please see Footing Engineering for footing details on post depth and steel bar reinforcement.



Wall AttachmentIf an awning is to be attached directly to the wall, the wall should have a stud spacing of 16in on center.  If this is chosen, 4 inch lag screws will be sent with the kit to attach the C hanger to the wall.  Engineering requires at least 2-1/2in embedment into the stud.
Ledger BoardIf the studs are spaced greater than 16in on center, customers should utilize a ledger board.  Engineering requires 2 inch thick ledger boards.  For most places a 2x6 or a 2x8 is acceptable.  Use # 2 Douglas fir or better. Customers are responsible for the ledger board and its attachment to the house.  The C hanger will attach to the ledger board with 2 inch screws that will be included in the kit. 
Eave AttachmentEave attachments require a 2 inch wide fascia.  The fascia should be reinforced using Simpson bracket A34 on the back of the fascia to the side of the rafter.  Eaves are allowed a certain amount of over hang per snow load and projection.  See Eave Engineering for details.



General installation instructions can be found on this site.  These are general instructions only and will not cover every situation.  Customers are welcome to call Absolute Carports with questions but ultimately customers are responsible for their own installations.  It is recommended that customers be familiar and comfortable with tools and assembling.  These kits will require cutting and drilling.  Parts of this kit may use splices.  Extra length is given to some parts to aid customers for in field adjustments.  A list of needed tools can be found in the General Instructions.



These products are manufactured by Amerimax Building Products using the latest best practices.  We are proud to sell a product that the manufacturer stands behind 100%. 

Click here to see product warranty information.



Allow about 1-1/2 to 2 weeks for manufacturing and about 1 week for shipping.  Absolute Carports cannot guarantee a shipping date as these kits are custom manufactured.  Kits ship by freight and customers must be present at delivery to unload the product.  Customers should receive a phone call by the freight company to verify a delivery time.  If damages occur as a result of shipping customers must indicate it on the bill of lading or refuse the product and inform Absolute Carports within 7 days of delivery.  All sales are final; products that are refused without damage will not be reimbursed.  No returns.


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